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Real Estate Agents in the City of Chicago

Due to the somewhat complicated process of buying and selling a home, there are agents available to help with most every type of transaction. Whether you are a first time buyer looking for a condo, or an experienced seller interested in getting top dollar for your house, there is an agent that is right for you.


  1. Listing Agent (or Seller’s Agent): This is the primary agent of the seller. When your home is up for sale, the main listing agent will be the name on your signage and real estate listing or Executive listing. This person is responsible for getting the seller the best price possible and almost always lists the property with the Northern Illinois Multiple Listing Service (MLS). All real estate agents have access to this listing, which would include basic information on your property and the name of your listing agent.

  2. New Home Salespeople: These agents work exclusively for the builder or developer of homes, housing developments, condominiums, loft buildings and so on. They will often work through model homes and will work with the buyer in not only the sales process but often the design process. These agents usually are contractually bound to a single client.

  3. Buyer’s Agent: Just as the seller needs qualified representation during real estate transactions, so too does the buyer. The buyer’s agent will represent the buyer in official transactions, will assist the buyer in locating a home and will advise the buyer on all matters of importance. Chicago Homes works with the buyer to find the ideal home at the sought after price. As buyer’s agents, Chicago Homes strives to “level the playing ground” in all real estate transactions.

Chicago Homes recognizes its customers have a great number of individual needs and has the experience to help each client find the home they seek. The vital role of buyer’s agent is one not taken lightly. The market has moved in favor of the buyer in the past few years, and it is important that today’s buyer not neglect the opportunity that has become available. Agents at Chicago Homes can work with you to narrow your search—whether it be to a certain neighborhood, a specific type of residence, a certain price range, or even specific amenities, we will find a place that meets your needs.

The buyer’s agent not only helps you find a home, but advises you as how you can close the deal with the most success possible. Industry professionals at Chicago Homes can assist you in locating good representation, advise you in your search for a loan, even suggest a few moving tips!

You want a buyer’s agent you can trust. Buying a home is a big undertaking and going it alone shouldn’t be an option. Work with people who understand the process and, in the end, you’ll be glad you had the help.