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Information About Selling Your Home In Chicago

Until recently, the housing market was by far a seller’s market. Homeowners were increasingly forgoing the use of a seller’s agent and managing the process on their own. During that time the high number of For Sale By Owner (FSBO) properties available throughout Chicagoland was unprecedented. However, as the market cooled and real estate sales adjusted along with it, buyers are increasingly seeking out a buyer’s agent. This change could make it more difficult on FSBO sellers.

As you, as a FSBO seller, are completely responsible for your listings, advertisements and showings, real estate agencies representing buyers are not going to call on you to show your property. As a matter of fact, you can count on real estate agents specifically avoiding your Chicago property since, should their client choose to buy from you, they get no commission!

If you are still convinced you want to sell your property on your own, Chicago Homes offers you the opportunity to list your property online, giving our many buyers an opportunity to locate you without worry of commission concerns. As a buyer’s agent, Chicago Homes wants to find the right property for our client, the buyer. Our specially designed web page will put the homebuyer and home together based on the desired of the buyer and amenities of the home.

Competing with large real estate agencies can be tough, especially when the market is working in their favor. Chicago Homes allows you to maintain your selling independence without losing a useful connection to the marketplace. Our goal is finding our buyers the house, condo, loft or townhouse they are looking for, at the pricing they heed and in the location they desire. We’ve developed a system whereby the FSBO contingent of the market can compete on equal ground for our clients, giving the FSBO seller, at times, a distinct advantage over real estate agencies. Since the FSBO has no selling agent to pay out, his or her property can be more competitively priced. And, because Chicago Homes offers the medium to compete on equal, level ground, the access to the customers is balanced.

Selling a home can be a difficult process, with or without a seller’s agent. By teaming up with Chicago Homes, you are able to ease some of the burden or the go-it-alone method of selling a home in Chicago. Our desire is to find the best home on the market for our buyers. We are in no way deferential to industry-listed homes or specific agency represented sellers. We are only concerned with finding the ideal home for our client. If that home is your home, then we will not hesitate to aid in the sale.

Let Chicago Homes be the partner to your FSBO plans and be assured you will reach a greater market of qualified buyers.